We design, create and manufacture IoT 

IoT printed circuit boards

design and manufacturing of printed circuits.

Plant monitoring

simple sytem for monitoring individual plants health.

Robot development

development of social interacting robot kits.

Solutions For You

Certeza has its own FabLab with 3d printers, laser cutters CNC machines and an electronics Lab. With a small staff Certeza is fully dedicated to the development of smart IoT solutions for the IoT community and consumer market. Solutions that encompass hard- and software development.

With a small team we develop and realize smart IoT for own purposes, for the consumer market and on request.


  • C++

  • Java

  • Swift

  • Python

  • Node.js


  • Develop

  • Design

  • Architecture

  • Create

  • Data


  • Materials

  • Technology

  • Anatomy

  • Design

  • Electronics


  • Research

  • Wireframing

  • Prototype

  • Testing

  • Deployment

Questions and Answers

Various UNIX flavors
ATTinyxx, ATMegaxxx, ESPxxx, Arm
Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi

Ethernet, Wifi, Sigfox, LoRa, 433, 868, 5G

BizDesign, Archimate, TOGAF
Python, C, C++, Shell scripts, Javascript, various JS frameworks
Visual Studio, Node.js, Node-Red
Autocad Eagle, Autocad Fusion360, TinkerCad
CorelDraw, Inkscape
Mach3, CamBam, RDWorks v8
Aspire V8, Cut2D Pro

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